Raymond Allen Burlew III.


15234 Victory Blvd. Van Nuys CA 91411




RAB III Management

(818) 310- 7589

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                                                                  Height: 6'5"       Weight: 240 lbs.          Hair: Light Brown

Cell: 818-310-7589                              Eyes: Brown     Age Range: 45-60     

raymondburlew@yahoo.com          Shirt: 18/36     Pants: 42x32   Suit: 56L          Shoe: 15M



A Streetcar Named Desire                           Stanley             Santa Monica City College

Seven Year Itch                                               Sonny               Santa Monica City College



Hawaii 5-0                                                       Beach Bum       CBS- 2

Rockford Files                                               Surfer                  NBC- 4


Features Films                                   Role                                 Starring

The Graduate                                                   Young man                              Dustin Hoffman                                         

Psych Out                                                         Friend                                       Jack Nicholson

Far Side of the Moon                                      Bathroom patron                  Orsen Wells

New York, New York                                       Dancing Sailor                      Robert De niro


Free Gravel                                                        Inmate

My Perfect Man                                                 Dirty old man - Director; Stephen R. McClain

Output Signals                                                  Production Line Worker

Unwelcomed                                                     Zombie/Telemarketer- 2 minute by 2 step Dancing with Films Film Festival

Hero Man                                                            Yahoo Redneck-Spoof-amentary

Keb Mo                                                                Music Video/ America The Beautiful

                                                                               Elevate Film Festival- Sports Agent

Comedy Central                                                Audience Gag

Discovery Channel  ( 3 shows)                    1. Paraplegic Surgeon

                                                                              2. Chief Surgeon

                                                                              3. Orderly           

Discovery Channel      "The Colony"          Dweller

John Boatman Show / Variety Pilot            Audience Heckler                                                                    





Wonderland Entertainment                            Head Agent

Producer: Gianfilippo Pedrott

Director: Celso Bemvenutti

Dickies Clothing Company

PSA Anti-Smoking

Colt 45 Commercial

Director;  Ryan Frost


Photo Shoot:

Photographer: Wermer Amann              Model

Dickies Clothing Company

Ryan Schude, Tamar Levine, Dan Busta

Waiting for a train







Sport(s):  Football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, Semi-Pro Surfing, Tennis

Motocross- Motorcycles

Race Car driving

Cook, Waiter, dishwasher

Sales Representative

Horseback Riding

Ball Room dancing



Fair Fax High School                                        Acting

Hollywood High School                                   Acting

Santa Monica College                                       Theatre major

Chamber Theatre                                                Scene study / Improvisation